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Ryan Brown - Max

Ryan shocked his workmates when he told them he had joined Mad Cow, they didn’t think he was “the type” (Whatever that is!). Ryan is now on his second production, having stepped onstage for the first time since he left college in “Kiss Me, Kate”, and is thrilled to be getting to grips with a big role, he says “I applied to Mad Cow because they have a reputation for good honest hard work, and that is right, they challenge you at every turn”.

With the support of his wife, Heidi, and three little girls Ryan hopes to perform for years!



Jazmin Hudson Owen - Maggie Saunders

Jaz has been performing since she was five when she started with a local stage group. Aged eleven she decided to take things a step further by becoming a student at Birmingham Stage School every Saturday until she was sixteen. After gaining much experience with them, including performing in the Birmingham Hippodrome and getting lead roles, she new that she wanted Theatre as her career.

Currently in her second year at a BOA specialised college in performing arts based in Birmingham, she also attends a weekly West End Master-class in London. Jaz says that “Being a member in Mad Cow is fantastic and I'm very lucky to have played Maggie, and I hope you enjoyed the show. “



Stuart Main - Mr Saunders

Of all ambitions still to fulfil ‘anger –management counselling’ was not something Stuart ever expected to sign up for; but then taking on the role of a grumpy old git was not something he envisaged either – at least not quite as soon as this, in real life or on stage. Nevertheless, the opportunity to remove the latex gloves and clinical ‘burka’ of the day job and flex the vocal cords for a change has been liberating and hugely enjoyable …..he could get to like this persona! He hopes you all enjoyed the production. Thank you Mad Cows…And Strepsils.



Tito Merelli - Robert Hinton

Robert has enjoyed being a member of the herd since its beginnings in 2003. Some of the time “Mad Cow Alex” is his wife and at other times his director. Robert is also fortunate to have two sons who are gifted in different aspects of theatre: Andy in sound design and Al on stage. The boys now being based in London, the family love trips to the West End. As well as being enriching, these are sadly also very expensive! Robert is passionate about MCP’s mission to make good theatre accessible and affordable in Shrewsbury.



Niki Holmes - Maria Marelli

Niki transforms from mild mannered Shrewsbury Mum to fiery Italian Trophy Wife for her role as Maria. A Royal Academy of Art trained Artist, Art Consultant and Educator; Niki Holmes joined Mad Cow Productions in 2010 as the Company Artist. Her first foray on stage since University days was in May 2013, when she appeared as a ditsy Wardrobe Lady and feisty Taxi Driver in MCP’s production of Kiss me Kate.



Emma Iremonger - Diana

This is Emma’s first play with Mad Cow Productions and what an experience it has been. “The Herd have been so welcoming” she says, and she takes her hat off to the time and dedication that MCP imbues all of its productions.

Emma says that Diana has been a challenge to play as her ambition knows no limits! The play reveals the lengths she is prepared to go to get to the top of her profession. So ladies be warned - keep an eye on your other half!

Emma previously completed an Acting Diploma Course at The Birmingham Theatre School to help with self confidence and just look where it has landed her. Emma hopes you enjoyed the production.


James p

James Pinches - The Bell Hop

After starring in Mad Cow musicals for the past 3 years James was going to audition for the play as he thought it would give his voice a rest... Oh how wrong he was! This role has let him do anything but that! The Bellhop is certainly the "queen" of the show and the mincing and avant-garde physicality has been very difficult for James to adapt to. (Yeah right!) Previous credits in plays include the strong, loyal Benvolio (Romeo and Juliet) and the powerful Duke of Athens, Theseus (A Midsummer Night's Dream). Both a million miles away from the extravagantly belligerent Bellhop! James says that this role, whilst small, is significant, and when given his moments to shine, oh boy he gave it all he'd got!



Barbara Vesty - Julia

Barbara is very happy to be in her fifth Mad Cow production. She says “It is such a great company to work with, (and be-lieve me I have worked with a few)”. She would like to thank her long suffering husband and children for allowing her to continue with her thespian activities, also the rest of the cast and crew and of course Alex and Lisa for making the whole production such fun!!!