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Move Over Mrs Markham - The Cast

Joanna Markham

Played by Michelle Hicken

Shrewsbury born and bred, Michelle is married to Mike and has two young children. Michelle works part-time as an IT Administrator for the Burnt Tree Group. Her Am Dram adventure started in 2007 as she decided she needed a new challenge, this is also when she was first introduced to the Mad Cows. Since then she has been having great fun working backstage assisting Props in “‘Allo ‘Allo” and with roles in “Millie”, “Forum” and now for the first “Mrs Markham”.


Philip Markham

Played by Robert Hinton

Robert is from North Yorkshire where, when not at school, he spent much of his childhood off shore in various sorts of boat. He spent an enjoyable three years at university in Bristol before settling down to a career as an accountant in food manufacturing, moving further from the sea with each new job. Having moved to Shrewsbury in 1992 to work at the creamery in Minsterley, he is now based at Pork Farms Palethorpes in Market Drayton. With no maritime thrills to be had near Shrewsbury and having for several years watched his wife Alex and her friends (including Lisa, the other Mad Cow) wowing audiences at the Music Hall, in 2001 Robert took to the stage and has been a regular performer ever since. His favourite parts to date have been Freddie in “Noises Off” and Hysterium in Forum.


Alistair Spenlow

Played by Mike Ballance

Mike is enjoying being the new boy at Mad Cow Productions. It has been over three years since he has per-formed on stage and he is very excited about “Move Over Mrs Markham”. Mike has a varied list of previous char-acters which range from him being seen cycling a mini bicycle as a Clown to murdering women in a musical about Jack The Ripper.

Mike works full time as a mobile phone salesperson in Shrewsbury where he has lived all his life. He has dreamt of travelling the world but he has just "never got round to it".

In-between treading the boards and selling phones, Mike enjoys playing guitar, which he has done for ten years, and bass.


Linda Lodge

Played by Rae Bromley

Rae grew up in Staffordshire before doing her Physiotherapy training at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. After qualifying, she worked for many years as a community Physio in Stoke-on-Trent before getting itchy feet and giving it all up to work as a SCUBA diver in the Red Sea. Further travel followed, with Rae spending a year living and working in New Zealand and Australia. When her work visa ran out Rae returned to the UK with plans to go to Africa as part of the VSO scheme. These plans were scuppered when she joined the SAOS for ‘one show’ to fill in time between travels, and there met her husband Paul. Rae now works as a Physiotherapist in Shrewsbury specialising in Women’s Health and is currently half way through a Post Graduate Cert. in Continence at Bradford University. Rae also enjoys knitting and going to the gym – although not all at the same time!


Henry Lodge

Played by Keith Clements

Born in the Red half of Manchester in 1960, he got a Mechanical Engineering degree from Salford University and embarked upon a career which took him into various industries, before settling in Shropshire in 1989 and latterly becoming a self-employed plumber. (All enquiries welcome – he doesn’t act for a living you know!) Hardly the background of a typical thespian, but nevertheless, he was first coaxed kicking and screaming onto a stage (if you ignore a troll in Altrincham Grammar’s 1975 production of “Peer Gynt”) almost 30 years ago and found he quite liked it! Thanks to his singing voice, the productions in which he has played a role have invariably been musicals and he’s been known to show he can dance as well. But he’s far more likely these days to be performing as a solo singer. It’s safer! So, if you need a “Sinatra” for your party...


Miss Smythe

Played by Bridget Quinlan

Bridget 'Biddy' Quinlan, born and raised in Shrewsbury, has been involved in all genres of performance for twenty-five years. She has played a variety of characters, from Miss Hannigan in “Annie” with Stage Two Productions, to aspiring actress Lesley in Alan Bennett's “Talking Heads” with Shrewsbury Theatre Guild.

For the last five years, she has been writing and performing her own material, and loves to share her comical characters with an audience.

Bridget works at the Wakeman School, where she has written and directed plays and musicals for staff and pupils alike.


Sylvie Hauser

Played by Melissa Wellington

Born to perform, Melissa was destined for centre stage. After watching the end of "Dirty Dancing" at the age of five she quick stepped her way into Ballroom & Latin American dance and never looked back. Feeling she had a "drama queen" waiting to get out she performed her way to a BTEC National Diploma in Performing Art - Acting and dipped her toes into drama school, taking a part time course at Birmingham School of Acting. Travelling to the "Big Apple" and going down under in sunny Australia she enjoyed holidaying and shopping. Later she became a member of TADLOP to keep her "drama queen" crown. Now after working for four years as a senior receptionist at Rowton Castle Hotel and waltzing her way on a course to be-come an Event & Wedding Planner she is delighted to be part of MCP as the stage will always be her place to shine.


Walter Pangbourne

Played by Carl Wellington

Carl has been a member of the herd since he portrayed the sinister Herr Flick in “’Allo ‘Allo” two years ago and he is keen to show the somewhat different characteristics of Walter Pangbourne in “Move Over Mrs Markham”. He has appeared in a number of local productions over the last 12 years, also finding time to study at Birmingham School of Acting part-time, something which was as rewarding for meeting many fellow drama-loving people from across the Midlands, as the valuable tuition it offered.

In real life, Carl has a boss – sorry – wife, Debbie, and two grown up sons and a daughter (the lovely Melissa, who will be appearing with him in “Mrs Markham”). He has worked in local government for more years than he cares to remember, adding ever more value to the fun, relaxation and achievement he gets from his drama activities.



Miss Wilkinson

Played by Emma Kasprzak

Since first treading the boards as a weasel in “Toad of Toad Hall” at the age of 13, Emma has played a range of roles, not all of them talking animals. In her day job she is a reporter for the Shropshire Star newspaper, a role which sees her at the forefront of regional journalism and funny shaped vegetables. Originally from just over the border in Staffordshire, Emma at-tended Keele University to read Criminology and Law, before going travel-ling for a year to South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. After helping out backstage on Mad Cow’s last production of “Forum” Emma decided to return to the stage for the first time since university.

At university she was cast in a farce which saw her stripping down to just her underwear on stage. Putting off worries about being typecast she re-turns to the stage in a farce which will see her... oh wait.