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Allo Allo - The Crew

The Mad Cows were ably assisted by:

Assistant to the Director: Hollie Whittles

Hollie Whittles (née Cresswell) was born in Bewdley, Worcestershire and currently lives near Telford with her husband Alex and their two cats; Ronnie and playful kitten Gizmo! She has worked as a Retail Manager, IT/Skills Trainer, Software Tester and a Programme Manager. She is currently an IT Consultant for FraggleWorks (www.fraggleworks.com) which specialises in website design and internet consultancy.

Hollie got to know Alex and Lisa after playing in the orchestral pits of many shows in which they were performing. Post show one night, in the pub, she agreed to ‘fix’ a band of professional musicians who would play for nothing in their first Mad Cow production for the princely sum of a mince-pie. Incidentally she never received the mince pie but has continued to help out the Mad Cows turning her hand to being ‘Assistant To The Director’ and developing this web site ... maybe now she'll get that elusive mince pie!

Hollie Whittles

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Allo Allo - The Cast

René Artois: Stephen de Launey

Originally from Plymouth, Stephen first moved to Newcastle where he read Politics and Economics and has subsequently moved to various locations in the UK with work. He came to Shropshire in 1990 when his work with the Inland Revenue brought him from Wilmslow to Telford and has lived there ever since. Stephen now works for a large multi national IT company but is always keen to point out that he has a role in general business management with no technical IT involvement - so it’s no use hoping he can fix your computer. With a keen interest in politics starting at school, Stephen started down the path of becoming a candidate for Parliament in his early 20's but eventually chose a 'back seat' role preferring to be involved in party political organisation - though latterly he spent 7 years as a town councillor in Wellington.

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Forum - The Cast


In Order Of Appearance

Alisdair Hinton - Pseudolus

Alisdair was born in Derbyshire but moved to Shrewsbury aged three. He is currently an undergraduate student at Royal Holloway, University of London, studying for a B.A. (Hons) in Theatre Studies and Drama.

His love of theatre started at Prestfelde School and continued to develop at Shrewsbury School, where he was involved in many plays and musicals, mainly as an actor but also as a Director. He also enjoyed getting very dirty and needing regular physiotherapy playing rugby!


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