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The Hollow - The Cast


Barbara Vesty – Lady Lucy Angkatell

OK, Barbara admits it - she has Mad Cow disease! It’s a terrifying ailment that compels her to spend hours and days of her life having the most ridiculous amount of fun you can have in a theatre. This is the tenth MCP production she has been in, and sadly there’s still no cure in sight! Luvvie-alert: the truth is Barbara just enjoys herself too much to shake off this disease.... Alex and Lisa have a professionalism and dedication to the craft of entertaining people, which is genuinely inspiring. What’s more, there’s opportunities for everyone involved to use their talents, whatever they may be – it’s not just about the show-offs in front of the camera, there’s a whole team of behind the scenes people who are just as important to the show. In summary: Barbara is a Mad Cow and proud of it, and would encourage anyone out there who’s thinking of going “Mad” to take the plunge….


Emma Hedges – Henrietta Angkatell

Having devoured the works of Agatha Christie as a young teenager (her habit ran to a book a day at one point…) Emma was delighted to be playing Henrietta in The Hollow.  As ever each Mad Cow experience brings about new learnings, having conquered running in girl’s shoes, this time it was not perpetually smiling (Henrietta being an ice queen) and obviously becoming a globally renowned sculptor….

This is Emma’s fifth production with MCP and when not acting she is the DSM for the company musicals which feeds her addiction to the theatre intercom and allows her to shout instructions over a headset.  Special thanks to all of the fabulous backstage crew for The Hollow who quietly make the magic happen.

Emma would like to thank her wonderfully patient family and Alex and Lisa for allowing her to be part of all of the joy that the herd creates.

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Spamalot - The Court of Camelot

James Ashfield - King Arthur

James trained at the (now Royal) Welsh College of Music and Drama. His first role in a musical was King Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar and this is his first Royal role since then. Some of his favourite roles have been the Devil in Witches of Eastwick, Higgins in My Fair Lady and Fagin in Oliver. After returning nearly two years ago to the Green, green grass of home he needed to find a theatre company and after laughing his way through their sell-out production of Noises Off, he decided MCP was for him. He was lucky enough to play Edna in last year’s production of Hairspray and LOVED it. The gold sparkly high heels still live with him.


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The Games Afoot - The Company (in order of appearance)

Paul Fitzgerald - William Gillette/Sherlock HolmesPaul Fitzgerald - William Gillette/Sherlock Holmes

Paul lives in Shrewsbury, after moving from Kent with his wife Holly and sons Guy and Marcus five years ago. His roots lie in the North West; born on the Wirral, he could be accused of being a Plastic Scouser. He has never had a perm, however, and supports Shrewsbury Town FC. Having not acted in a play for 25 years, Paul decided after directing a play at school earlier this year (he is a teacher) that he wanted to wear silly costumes and noses made of putty. One audition later for MCP, and he is thrilled to be back on stage.


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HAIRSPRAY - The Company

Robyn Marsh - Tracy TurnbladRobyn Marsh - Tracy Turnblad

This is Robyn's first production with MCP, though she has belonged to many amateur theatre companies and choirs in and around Shrewsbury. Robyn says she couldn't pinpoint a specific time in which she 'caught the bug' for performance as she has been hooked since her days as Mary in the school Nativity, throwing herself head-first into as many plays and musicals as she could. Having recently performed in more 'classical' roles, such as Fantine in “Les Misérables”, Robyn is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to play such a modern-minded character as Tracy, and has relished the heavy emphasis on dancing that this role has called for. She first encountered MCP when working as a stage hand behind the scenes on their most recent play Noises Off, where she worried not about learning lines, but learning how to construct convincing-looking jelly sardines!  She is currently a full-time student at Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology, studying Performing Arts and Musical Theatre. However she intends to audition for alternative universities in and around London to further her performance education next year. 


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