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Reviews - In The Club

"Brilliance Of Amateurs!"

By The Shropshire Star

Mad Cow Productions put on their opening night showing of raunchy comedy In The Club at Theatre Severn last night, which follows hapless MEP Philip Wardrobe (Keith Clements) enduring a particularly eventful day in his Strasbourg hotel room.

Written by award-winning dramatist Richard Bean, whose other plays include the West End and Broadway smash One Man Two Guvnors, the audience enjoyed a

They watched the expenses-fiddling and out-of-his-depth Mr Wardrobe attempt to juggle his attempts to become European president, start a family with his girlfriend, deal with the advances of an amorous French politician (Lynn Cawley) and even try to disarm a bomb as his day grows ever more complicated.

Mr Clements did a great job of making the preening politician remain likeable despite his faults, but the biggest laughs of the night went to Andrew Murray, who played bluff Yorkshire pig farmer and UKIP MEP Eddie Fredericks with brilliant comic timing.

In The Club will run at the Walker Theatre in the Theatre Severn until Saturday.

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