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Reviews - The Producers

The new Mel Brookes Musical, Mad Cow Productions, Theatre Severn

By The Shropshire Star

Theatre Severn took on the true air of Broadway for three nights when Mad Cow Production’s latest venture triumphed on all levels.


The Producers is Mel Brooke’s own musical adaptation of his 1968 film of the same name. It’s a work over flowing in Theatrical “in” jokes and high camp.

This production-one of the first to be granted an amateur licence- was in the creative hands of Alex Hinton, Director, and Lisa Lowarch, Choreographer.

A cast of amazing vocal, acting and dancing talent was brought together for this big show.

The title roles Bialystock and Bloom are taken by James Archer and James Pinches – Lecturer and student at Shrewsbury College of Art and Technology. All their considerable skills were revealed.

From the outset they gave completely believable performances, but incorporating the required slapstick with panache.

Patrick Playfair and Robert Hinton headed the OTT camp section. Patrick’s performance was hilarious throughout, adoringly supported by Robert.

Butt, sorry boys, the undeniable star of the show is Mellissa Wellington her charms not only captivated Leo Bloom but the whole audience.

This show undeniably represents a major landmark in amateur art activity in Shrewsbury.

A very enjoyable evening.

Dr Gareth Jenkins

The Shropshire Star Friday June 3rd 20111