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Shropshire Star Review: Move Over Mrs Markham

Shrewsbury’s Mad Cow Productions has established a reputation for putting on top notch comedy productions and its latest offering, “Move Over Mrs Markham”, is no exception.

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The nine performers were all well cast and last night’s first night in the Walker Theatre at Theatre Severn went very smoothly with a lot of laughs along the way for the audience.

The play follows the shenanigans and mishaps as three couples try to use one flat for their illicit encounters.

Amid all the deceptions and mistaken identities, publishers Henry Lodge and Philip Markham try to sign famous author Olive “no sex please!” Smythe without her finding out what’s going on.

There were no weak links in the cast and all were very convincing in their roles.

Stand out performances included Michelle Hicken as Joanna Markham, Robert Hinton as Philip Markham, Bridget Quinlan as Miss Smythe and Mike Ballance as the Markhams’ interior designer, Alistair Spenlow.

The play looked fantastic, with a wonderfully decorated set and excellent costumes.

By Hannah Costigan