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Review - Anything Goes

As soon as the curtain lifted for Anything Goes at Shrewsbury's Theatre Severn - I knew I was gonna get a kick out of this one!
A big, big musical production to tackle - but made to look easy by a group of Shropshire's finest amateur thespians. 
Mad Cow Productions has just completed a hugely successful run of Cole Porter's flamboyant and colourful Anything Goes!
And phew, what a dazzling all singing, all dancing cracker it was!
The stage was sensationally transformed into an ocean liner - where most of the action was set. It was like being in the West End (but not of Shrewsbury).
"Did you say this was an amateur show?', whispered someone close by. And that just about sums up this production.
Love, mayhem, comedy, song and skulduggery - oooh this had it all.
The cast - led by the tremendous Natalie Watts as Reno Sweeney - had a whale of time, frolicking and dancing from one scene to another - and we did too. Wow that Reno - she's some sassy lady! 
An incredible performance delivered by Natalie who belted out song after song - Blow Gabriel Blow, I Get A Kick Out of You - and Anything Goes. That stage was hers!
Her show-stealing duet The Gypsy in Me with upper class Lord Evelyn Oakleigh - played by the brilliant Adam Giblin - was pure musical theatre. Executed perfectly, with wonderful comedic timing.
Lovestruck Billy Crocker (Theo Milward) and the object of his affections, Hope Harcourt (Rebecca Stafford) were delightfully cast, with some emotional performances.
There's something truly special about this herd of actors - magic sprinkled by director Alex Hinton and choreographer Lisa Lowarch.
You can sense that every single one - on stage and off - gives it their all.
They were professional in every way - the actors, the set, the music (from a live orchestra, I might add) the lighting, the costumes, the choreography - and even those neat American accents. Mesmerising.
The fact that they can command, and own, the main stage at Shrewsbury's Theatre Severn, is testament to that.
If you didn't know you were watching an 'amateur' performance - you truly wouldn't. Their hard work was evident, and paid off.
Well done herd. I want to be one - where do I sign up!
Claire Dunn