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Just when you thought they couldn't raise the bar any higher - Shrewsbury's Mad Cow Theatre Productions go and pull another musical triumph out of the bag.

Never ones to shy away from the biggies - their version of the Monty Python musical comedy Spamalot raised the roof of Shrewsbury's Theatre Severn during its three day run, and brought hundreds of theatre-goers spontaneously to their feet.

This was amateur theatre truly at its best. That we weren't on Broadway didn't matter a jot.

This delightful production had everything that you would expect from a professional theatre company. Perfect casting - tick. Great comedic timing - tick. Lavish costumes - tick . Fantastic musical accompaniment - the list goes on.

Director Alex Hinton and her fellow Mad Cow co-founder Lisa Lowarch delivered a real showstopper that thoroughly deserved its place on the main stage at Shrewsbury's theatre.

Six months of hard work paid off with an incredibly slick, and colourful production that remained true to the original, hurtling from song to gag, gag to song - keeping the audience, well, rather spellbound.
Fom the transformation of Dennis to Sir Galahad, to the hilarious Knights of Ni, no stone was left unturned, no joke without a laugh. The attention to detail was evident, and the results were hilarious.

It would be unfair to single anyone out for their performance - each stood out on their own merit, however James Ashfield as King Arthur was a delight to watch, having mastered riding a horse - without one.
This show was a total hoot. I left with a clip clop, clip clop in my step. So thank you Mad Cows for the best night out in ages.
Always look on the bright side of life......!