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Here are some reviews of our previous productions.

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Reviews - Kiss Me Kate

Phew! Shrewsbury's West End Is Positively Swealtering!

By The Shropshire Star

But it wasn’t the long awaited sunshine that sent the thermometer soaring - it was a production of Kiss Me Kate at Shrewsbury’s Theatre Severn last night.

And boy that show is just too darn hot!

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Reviews - In The Club

"Brilliance Of Amateurs!"

By The Shropshire Star

Mad Cow Productions put on their opening night showing of raunchy comedy In The Club at Theatre Severn last night, which follows hapless MEP Philip Wardrobe (Keith Clements) enduring a particularly eventful day in his Strasbourg hotel room.

Written by award-winning dramatist Richard Bean, whose other plays include the West End and Broadway smash One Man Two Guvnors, the audience enjoyed a

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Reviews - The Drowsy Chaperone

By An Audience Member

We often recieve great comments from folk we don't know. Here's one that was sent to us about Drowsy.
"The Drowsy Chaperone" was a complete unknown to us when we sat down in the Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury for the final night. The "Man in the chair" made a real, intimate connection with the audience and we hung on his every word as he walked us with passion through his favourite musical.
The professionalism and skill of the leading pair (Robert and Janet) was superb; we were drawn into their relationship and feeling the ups and downs through the inevitable hiccups between them. Well balanced humour was evident throughout, from the Chaperone's drunken antics, to the Gangsters' double act, but it was Aldopho who shone with his comedic timing in his role as the Italian Ladies man.
The overall feeling was of professionalism which shone through from the supporting cast, the musicians and even the stage set. All these things highlighted how dedicated everyone has been in creating this production and each aspect contributed to the high standard that was achieved.

Anthony and Lindsay Hatch

Reviews - The Drowsy Chaperone - Shropshire Star

"An older man sits alone in his armchair looking through his favourite records. When he pulls one out of its old paper sleeve and places it on the turntable, his lonely apartment is transformed into the stage for one of his favourite musicals. Dazzling smiles, fancy costumes and cheery show tunes burst forth and the performance of The Drowsy Chaperone begins.

The Drowsy Chaperone is being performed by Mad Cow Productions at The Theatre Severn's Walker Theatre. It offers audiences a taste of 1920's musicals within a comedy play. Robert Hinton, who plays 'the man in the chair' sits by the side of the stage interacting with the audience and narrating them through his favourite musical.

Theo Millward plays the character of Robert Martin, the musical's boy in love. He presents a cheeky chappie with a beaming toothpaste smile impressing all with his tap dancing skills. Leading lady Lauren Bellingham also shines as Janet Van De Graff.

Light relief was provided by Adolpho, played by James Pinches, who entertained the crowd with his Latin-lover accent and comical 'ladies-man' persona.

The two-act performance ran smoothly with a really professional feel, from the actors on stage as well as the musicians hidden behind the scenes."


Shropshire Star - Friday 20th April 2012