"award winning theatre company"


For each of our shows we create a number of show specific props and often show specific costumes as well. Some of which have been very hard to find!

The items listed can be seen on the Photo Gallery page of this web site. Enquiries are welcomed for Hire or Purchase just go to the Contact The Cows page and drop us a line.

Below is a short list of the sort of things that we have, though if you see it in a production photo it's worth an ask!

  • The Helping Hand (with door mounting bracket)
  • The Contents of The Cricketers Arms envelope!
  • Range of womens costumes sizes 10 to 14 as seen
  • on this web site
  • Plumbers Boiler suit
  • Small Hotel room prop size fridge
  • Range of underwear suitable for Madame Renarde
  • A Bye Plane flyable in the theatrical sense
  • A folding Bed frame. (Pully system 3 crew needed)
  • 2 Chinese fans
  • One large American style fridge with walk through doors
  • One small rotateable truck; Kitchen Unit/Pool side bar
  • 2 large pipeing bags with shoulder straps for the Pastry Chefs


  • Set of costumes for Janet similar to those worn by Sutton Foster on Broadway for Show Off
  • Red satin trousers and ornate beaded jacket for Drowsy Size 12/14
  • Mrs Tottendale's OTT dress
  • One gold silk covered circular seat as seen in waiting rooms and foyers
  • 1 3rd Reich Banner
  • Funny Boy play bill stacks to be used as steps
  • 15 Balls and Chains for ankle or wrist
  • 1 Oval bed and bedding plus runner and cushions
  • Full set of Costumes
  • Domina's Busts one with, one without, a nose
  • Roman Ladder
  • Scrolls
  • Rubber Chicken
  • A variety of underwear styles for Brooke
  • The Bar complete with two hidden doors for the airmen
  • A perch mounted Cockatoo (for the Radio)
  • A variety of Sausages
  • The Fallen Madonna with the big boobies
  • 1 3rd Reich banner
  • Some Costumes eg Renes apron with sausage pocket