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Photo Gallery - Not Now Darling

Not Now Darling - The Company


  Mrs F

Another day, another customer at

Bodley Bodley and Crouch

Mrs Frencham:

I always did like your designs on me!


No office should be without one! Gilbert surveys

his champagne all ready for his mistress Janie

who is coming to "buy" a mink coat with her

husband Harry, at a knock down price,

courtesy of Gilbert of course.


Gilbert tells Arnold to "Shut Up!"

when Harry spoils the plan and

refuses to buy the coat

which lands them both in hot water.


Gilbert tries to pursuade Janie to leave "the coat" behind,

explaining that as Harry won't buy it there is now a problem.



Janie refuses! Instead she strips so that "the coat"

is the only thing she has to wear. Unless Gilbert is

happy to have a naked woman in his office?!?


A now completely naked Janie has the upper hand

as a series of people almost catch Gilbert and Arnold

out in their predicament!


Janies husband returns and a nervous

Arnold and Gilbert

hope to pursuade him to buy that coat!


  Which he does, but for his own mistress Sue!
  Ill be good

As Sue has "the coat" the naked Janie now borrows

Mrs Frenchmans and Gilbert promises Arnold

that he will behave

and sort everything out if Arnold

will just continues to help him.


Harry's wife and mistress meet.

Sue is worried that there is something wrong

with her dyed rabbit.

Can Arnold keep control?


Sue finally realises that Janie is Harry's wife


passes herself off as Arnold's girlfriend!


In return Arnold persuades Sue to help Janie,

by lending her her dress.

So now there are two scantily clad women in the Salon!


What else could go wrong?

What about Gilberts wife arriving

back from Monte Carlo early!

  Oh dear, Maude finds out just what Janie isn't wearing!

Janie and Gilbert fool Maude

into believeing that Arnold is

a womanising !##!


And now here comes Sue's husband...

She's hidden away in her scanties!

Yes this is farce

and yes it gets more complex!!


Just in time for Gilbert

to get it very wrong!!

The poor commander is set

up to romance his waiting wife!

  But it's Sue who's waiting!!
  Suffice to say that after: an amorous wife

A drunken Sue

and a proposal

from Arnold to Miss Tipdale

It was happy ever after

for all the couples!!