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This is a collection of photos of our previous productions.

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Photo Gallery - A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

Forum - The Company


Pseudolus bids the audience welcome and guarantees

them a Comedy Tonight


The House Of Marcus Lycus


displays its wears!


One of the Geminae fails to get Pseudolus's attention.





"Have you anything a bit less noisey?"


Tintinabula shakes those bells!!

Panacea "oooh!"


my daughter Pseudolus confuses Hysterium about "his daughter!"

Pseudolus pusuades Lycus to allow Phillia to stay with him, while Hero falls in love!
Everbody Ought to Have a Maid Everbody Ought To Have A Maid

         Domina returns, unexpectedly! Determined to catch out That Dirty Old Man Of Mine

Miles Gloriosus arrives in search of his virgin!
Bring Me My Bride

Bring Me My Bride


Oh dear, Psuedolus is in big trouble!

Erronius returns and admires Hysteriums baby! Erronius and Hysterium

                                              Senex reunited with Domina....the Virgin!

The Proteans men of many, many, parts watch the action.

and now....

The Entire Company!