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Photo Gallery - Noises Off

Noises Off Cast

Noises Off - The Company

Dotty Dotty: I’ve got a nice plate of Sardines to put my feet up with…
  • Dotty: We’ve changed that, have we, love?
  • Lloyd: No, love.
  • Dotty: That’s what I’ve always been doing?
  • Lloyd: I shouldn’t say that Dotty my precious.
Dotty and Lloyd
Lloyd Lloyd: I think the point is that you’ve had a great fright when she mentions income tax, and you feel very insecure and exposed, and you want something familiar to hold on to.
  • Gary (embraces her): Don’t worry love. It’s only the technical.
  • Lloyd: It’s the dress, Gary, honey. It’s the dress rehearsal.
  • Gary: So when was the technical?
  • Lloyd: So when’s the Dress? We open tomorrow!
Dotty and Lloyd
Belinda Belinda: Bless you my sweet.
  • Belinda: This is such a lovely company to work with. It’s such a happy company.
  • Dotty: Wait till we’ve got to Stockton-on-Tees in twelve weeks time.
Vickie and Rodger
  • Vickie: I can feel goose pimples all over
  • Rodger: Yes, quick, get something round you.
Rodger: So what am I saying? I’m saying; let’s say no more about it. Rodger
Selsdon Selsdon: When I think I used to do banks! When I remember I used to do bullion vaults! What am I doing now? I’m breaking into paper bags!
  • Mrs Clackett: Oh, my lord, who are you?
  • Tim: I’m Phillip.
  • Mrs Clackett: You’re Phillip? What happened to you?
  • Tim: Well, it all got a bit slippery on the stairs out there.
Dotty and Tim
Sheets Rodger: Sheik! I thought you were coming at four? And this is your charming wife?
Dotty: Do you take this sheet to be your lawful wedded wife? Dotty and Sheet
Cast All: Curtain!