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Photo Gallery - Allo Allo

Full Company

Allo Allo - The Company

Alex and Lisa The Mad Cows!
Set construction at The Ashton Theatre. Too many cooks
Michelle Are we alone?
Who is that? ... Come in, Helga ... Colonel
Helga What is that - a wig?
No, it is not a wig! It is a wiglet. Helga and Colonel
Bertorelli and Colonel It is I, Capitano Alberto Bertorelli.
I was just adjusting my G string. Helga and Flick
Coquette For am I called Coquette, the girl men can't forget.
I will put in their drinks a Resistance suicide pill. Mimi
Crabtree Good moaning.
It is I, Leclerc. Leclerc
How do you fancy a spin in my little tank? ... Flat out with my ventilators open can be quite an exhilaring experience ...
Do not cease your revelries just because I have the power to shoot anyone who looks suspicious. You will enjoy yourselves. Proceed. Flick
Naughty Michelle
Are you going to buy a naughty girl a drink?
And now ladies and gentlemen it is cabaret time at Café René. Rene
Fifi Waitresses
Any moment now she will be tripping down the stairs, Everyone cheers, When she appears.
I'm gorgeous, am I not? Fifi Edith
Gruber and Mimi
Fifi, Fifi! The toast of Paree.
But everybody loves Fifi. Gruber and Yvette
Crabtree and Rene
It is tied to my log. I will have to take off my poloceman's pints.
I was getting the sausage. Remember! Here it is. Rene and Edith
Germans and Rene
You have many medals.
Me - I no makea the jokes. I makea the love. Germans and Yvette
Bertorelli Trick
What a mistaka to makea!
I shall take my wife with me. I am not so heartless as to leave her behind. The last train is in ten minutes. Rene to Switzerland
Rene and Yvette
Oh René!
I am dotty about you. Rene and Mimi
Michelle and Poloceman
Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once.
Hallo. We're jolly hungry. Can we have some food? Airman In Bar
Crabtree, Michelle and Rene
Blowing up Hitler is against the law.
One thousand and three, one thousand and four. One thousand and five. Flick Pressups
Flick and Helga
Give me my trousers.
Do not be a smart arse with me, Helga. Flick and Helga
No wonder the girls, they go mad. If I met me, I would go mad.
Hallo ... It's Berlin. Colonels Office
Edith Bedroom
Are you putting on that cologne that has a strange effect on me?
I came in first incase you were engaged in the nooky. Rene, Edith and Leclerc
The Cinema
If there is any hanky panky in the back row you will be shot.
Captain Alberto. I am trying to eat my chocolates. Bertorelli and Helga
Voice Over
Nature-loving Norma arises from her bed in her tent in the woods.
That is a big secret. I no tell you. Bertorelli and Helga
Yvette and Peasant
Goodbye , Monsieur. As soon as you get a new ballcock, let me know.
Sorry, I am busy. I cannot talk to you at the moment. The Parrot
Rene and Gruber
... I think I should warn you a very important person is visting your cafe tonight.
We have a leaky Hitler. Yvette Dummy
Leclerc and Rene
  • Leclerc - How do I look?
  • René - Dreadful. Get out.
... Left, right, left right ... Mark time. Halt! Heil Hitler. Flick, Hitler and Helga
Colonel Bertorelli
Alberto - you incompetent wop ... You are the worst Hitler I have ever met.
I am here , my Fuhrer. Sieg Heil, sieg heil. The Painting
The Waltz
I told you it was under your nose.
I have always had a weakness for big boobies. The Company
The Company
The Company