CRAZY FOR YOU - The Company

Theo Millward - Bobby ChildTheo Millward - Bobby Child

Having joined MCP in 2012 in search of a challenge and a new way to relax, it is safe to say Theo is thoroughly hooked. Crazy For You is his fourth MCP production, and he plays the quirkey and loveable Bobby Child. Outside of rehearsals, Theo is Operations Director of STA, an organisation that is no stranger to the talents of Mad Cow as Alex has completed a few days training for the sales team.

Theo would like to mention his good friend Andy Kidd, who heroically endured hour after hour of audition practice whilst on holiday.


Georgie Wright - Polly BakerGeorgie Wright - Polly Baker

 Georgie is currently studying for her A-Levels at Shrewsbury Sixth Form College which she sees as a stepping stone to University or Drama School. She is rapidly learning the tools of what she hopes will be a long and happy career in musical Theatre. This is Georgie's third show with MCP and her first leading role. She feels incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such talented and enthusiastic people and learning more with The Herd than she could ever have imagined. She has enjoyed every step of the way and hopes you do too.


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LEND ME A TENOR - The Company


Ryan Brown - Max

Ryan shocked his workmates when he told them he had joined Mad Cow, they didn’t think he was “the type” (Whatever that is!). Ryan is now on his second production, having stepped onstage for the first time since he left college in “Kiss Me, Kate”, and is thrilled to be getting to grips with a big role, he says “I applied to Mad Cow because they have a reputation for good honest hard work, and that is right, they challenge you at every turn”.

With the support of his wife, Heidi, and three little girls Ryan hopes to perform for years!


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Kiss Me Kate - The Company

Lilli Vanessi - Jemma Game

Lilli Vanessi - Jemma Game

This is Jemma's first production with "The Cows" and she tells us she couldn't feel more at home! She is delighted to be playing Lilli Vanessi but says that "It came as a shock to me as I was such a new member in a very enthusiastic Herd!" It was also a pleasant surprise to find out that she had been cast opposite James. " I am extremely excited to be on stage again and feel very privileged to be playing opposite James, my real life "other half"".

Living in Shrewsbury all her life, Jemma started performing as a very small child with Game Productions, before as an adult, gaining her National Diploma and HND in Musical Theatre. She has been part of many local stage productions. Currently, Jemma is working and saving hard and hopes one day to make it to the BIG Stage!


Frederick Graham - James Pinches

Frederick Graham - James Pinches

James pockets his blue blanket (The Producers), drops his cane (The Drowsy Chaperone) and dons his muscles and adoring smile for his third production with MCP.

Whilst musicals are James's forte, he has also performed in plays, films and radio plays, including several Shakespeares. So he promises that you will be able to understand the Shakespeare in this show!

He was shocked but delighted to hear that he had won his first romantic lead, however after playing "over the top", "camp" or "helpless" characters, the butch, strong - minded Frederick Graham proved to be quite a challenge!

But with the advantage of his leading lady, being his real life leading lady, James has thoroughly enjoyed the process and cannot wait for the opening night!


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In The Club - The Cast


Philip Wardrobe - Keith Clements


This is Keiths first leading role!

With roots in Manchester and a Mechanical Engineering degree from Salford University his engineering career eventually brought him to Shropshire before leaving private industry completely and becoming a self-employed plumber. (All enquiries welcome – he doesn’t act for a living you know!) Hardly the background of a typical thespian, but nevertheless, he was first coaxed kicking and screaming onto a stage almost 30 years ago and has tried to avoid it ever since! Thanks to his singing voice, the vast majority of roles have been in musicals, including the Nazi pigeon fancier, Franz Liebkind in the recent Mad Cow production of “The Producers”. This is the first time he’s been entrusted with a leading role however and by the middle of the second act you’ll probably understand why! Only joking…… he’s trying, bless him. Very trying

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The Drowsy Chaperone - The Cast

Robert Hinton - Man In The Chair

Having grown up in Yorkshire, Robert, with Alex and sons Andy and Al, came to Shrewsbury in 1992. He has been a regular performer in musicals and plays for about twelve years now. Sometimes he thinks it will kill him, but mostly he likes to think it keeps him young!

Robert has spent a lot of time listening to music from an early age and thinks this gives him a lot in common with “Man in Chair”. Always a fan of albums rather than single songs, he loves to lose himself in a record for an hour or two. He likes obscure lyrics that keep him guessing as to what the writer meant (Bob Dylan is a favourite). And when it comes to musicals, he thinks perfection comes from George and Ira Gershwin. Robert wouldn’t want to take the similarity to “Man in Chair” too far, though – for one thing he enjoys real life, not just musical fantasyland!

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