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OFF STAGE: The fab-u-lous team without whom our shows would not be possible!

We are still happy to have new folk join us for our last hurrah, Don't Dress For Dinner in October. There are plenty of roles behind the scenes: from wardrobe and wigs to sound and lighting, from selling programmes to designing and building scenery or sourcing props.

If you are interested get in touch and come and meet the team for a chat to find out what you are interested in.

ON STAGE: Sadly The Cows are retiring so we will NOT be taking on any new acting members.

TO FIND OUT MORE: Get in touch by using the Contact the Cows link above and keep your eyes open on our Face Book page, Mad Cow Productions or on Twitter @madcowalex for details of any Open Audition Nights!

We are no longer seeking performing Herd:


60 + Full

50 + Full

40 + Full

30 + Full

20 +  Full

16 - 20  Full

GIFTED  & TALENTED Under 16 Full


60 + Full

50 + Full

40 + Full

30 + Full

20 + Full

16-20  Full

GIFTED & TALENTED Under 16  Full


WHY SO FEW PLACES? MCP has a brilliant reputation but it is not a business, our volunteer Tutors do not depend on large numbers of members to ensure an income stream. Our ethos is simple: to produce shows which are as close to professional standards as possible. This means that having too many members is actively unhelpful. As our members and audiences know, what makes a Mad Cow show is about ensuring our members have the opportunity to develop their theatre skills fully. Improving these skills can mean both intensive group work and individual attention, be it one to one vocal coaching or choreographic sessions, or sessions with the MD or Director. Unfortunately, we cannot offer this level of commitment to high quality work to an unlimited number of members. We are so delighted by the huge improvements that we see in our members' skills over the course of every production. We are fiercely proud of our many ex-members who are now in professional training, who tell us that the MCP experience was their first true taste of "the business".  In a town with many performance opportunities, we are delighted to have such a brilliant reputation.

We llimit our membership, to ensure our Herd continues to get the best possible theatrical experience. To gurantee the best audience experience we can offer, cast our shows well and maintain our ethos, we need to ensure that we have a balanced membership, with a finite number of places in each age range and gender, rather than a simple numerical cap.